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DVD Review: Night Court 3 Season Gift Set

Night Court, Warner Brothers, Harry Anderson, John Larroquette, Michael J. Fox, DVD, TV, Sitcom, Television
Reviewed By Jason Lockard

When you hear Night Court it brings up a lot of different thoughts. Some people may remember the 1932 film starring Walter Huston. But most probably think of the TV sitcom starring Harry Anderson.

Night Court aired on NBC from January 4, 1984, to May 31, 1992. The show took place in the Manhattan municipal night court presided over by a young, unorthodox judge, Harold T. "Harry" Stone.

This is not your everyday court. This court has some of the most crazy characters to stand before the judge. But just as funny is the people who work in the court. But the cast of off the wall characters is were the charm of this show is.

For the first few seasons there was a lot of movement in characters some of which was because of tragic loss of life. In season 1 Along with Judge Harry Stone there was Public Defender Liz Williams, prosecutor Daniel Fielding (John Larroquette), bailiffs Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon and Selma Hacker and the court clerk Lana Wagner.

Season One:
1. All you need is Love / 2. Santa goes downtown / 3. The Former Harry Stone / 4. Welcome Back Momma / 5. The Eye of the Beholder / 6. Death Threat / 7. Once in love with Harry / 8. Quadrangle of Love / 9. Wonder Drugs / 10. Some like it Hot / 11. Harry and the Rockstar / 12. Bull's Baby / 13. Hi Honey I'm Home

Night Court, Warner Brothers, Michael J. Fox, DVD, TV, Sitcom, Television

In Season 2 Saw some changes with Public Defender now Billie Young, prosecutor Daniel Fielding, bailiffs Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon and Selma Hacker and the new court clerk Macintosh "Mac" Robinson.

Season Two:
1. The Nun / 2. Christine and Mac (a.k.a. Daddy for the Defense / 3. Billie and the Cat / 4. Pick a Number / 5. The Computer Kid / 6. Bull Gets a Kid / 7. Harry on Trial / 8. Harry and the Madam / 9. Inside Harry Stone / 10 . The Blizzard / 11. Take My Wife, Please / 12. The Birthday Visitor / 13. Dan's Parents / 14. Nuts About Harry / 15. An Old Flame / 16. The Gypsy / 17. Battling Bailiff / 18. Billie's Valentine / 19. Married Alive / 20. Mac and Quon Le: Together Again / 21. World War III / 22. Walk, Don't Wheel

Night Court, Warner Brothers, Harry Anderson, Richard Moll, DVD, TV, Sitcom, Television

In Season 3 saw some additional changes a new public defender Christine Sullivan, but probably the most heartbreaking was  Selma Diamond who played Selma Hacker sadly passed away from cancer so in came the new bailiff  Florence "Flo" Kleiner.

Season Three:
1. Hello, Goodbye / 2. The Hostage / 3. Dad's First Date / 4. Mac and Quon Le: No Reservations / 5. Halloween, Too / 6. Best of Friends / 7. Dan's Boss / 8. Up on the Roof / 9. The Wheels of Justice (1) / 10. The Wheels of Justice (2) / 11. Walk Away, Renee / 12. Dan's Escort / 13. The Night Off / 14. Harry and Leon / 15. The Apartment / 16. Leon, We Hardly Knew Ye / 17. The Mugger / 18. Could This Be Magic? / 19. Monkey Business / 20. Flo's Retirement / 21. Hurricane (1) / 22. Hurricane (2)

Night Court, Warner Brothers, Pam Grier, John Larroquette, Harry Anderson, DVD, TV, Sitcom, Television

This series is very well written and acted. While there is a little bit of revolving of the characters the hilarious antics remain the same. I can not recommend this show enough for fans of 80s sitcoms.

These three season boast a great bunch of guest stars including; Michael J. Fox, John Astin (TV's Gomez Addams), Yakov Smirnoff, Lou Ferrigno (TV's Incredible Hulk), Stella Stevens, Pam Grier, Mel Tormé, Brent Spiner (Data, Star Trek The Next Generation).

The first season 13 episodes are spread out over 2 discs, while seasons 2 an 3 have 3 discs each. The episodes are presented in the original full screen format and they look and sound pretty impressive.

What a deal to get 3 seasons of a hilarious show in a special gift set. This would make a great addition to any sitcom fans collection. If you would like to get this set you can head over to or and get your copy today.

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