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Friday, January 12, 2018

Robot Wars (1993)
Reviewed By Jason S. Lockard

Full Moon Features were known for the sci-fi and horror movies and one such movie was 1989's Robot Jox. Well, in 1993 it was time for a sequel to Robot Jox and we got Robot Wars! Now the Robot action comes a HD TV on Full Moon blu-ray.

The years is 2041. After the great toxic gas scare of 1993, a group of raiders known as The Centros have heard of a hidden Megarobot and they want to raise it up. It is up to a renegade Megarobot pilot and an archaeologist must team up (despite their disdain for one another) to thwart the Centro's attempts.

While Robot Wars is in the same cannon of the first film Robot Jox, it is a stand alone film on it's own right. I love these old films with the stop motion special effects. I am a huge fan of Ray Harryhausen films! The stop motion effects in this film are brought to us by the late, great David Allen! And I am sure would make Ray proud.

These old films are just so much fun to watch! They're not Casablanca or Citizen Kane, they are just entertaining! And after all that is what we watch movies for, to be entertained! Besides seeing two humongous robots going at it in the middle of the desert! Who doesn't love that?!

This single disc blu-ray release features the film digitally remastered in HD from its original 35mm camera negative. And what a beautiful remastering job it is! Than there is the special features which include: The Wizard of Wars: Remembering David Allen (A brand new feature), Vintage 1997 Full Moon Promo and Original Videozone program.

This release would make any sci-fi fan happy! Whether they are a Full Moon fan or not! So if you would like to pick up a copy of Robot Wars for yourself you can do so by visiting www.FullMoonDirect.com

Moral Rating: violence and some brief language
Audience: Teen and Adults
Length: 1 hour 12 Minutes
Blu-ray Release: 2017
Blu-ray Rating: A

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